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Each week, Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion to the home bound. Please call the Parish Office (254-8381, ext. 2) if you would like to be added to the home bound Communion List.


gospel black and whiteLITURGICAL MINISTRY

Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters and Acolytes

Any confirmed student or adult may serve as a Lector, Eucharistic Minister or Greeter.  Please call the Religious Formation Office (253-5621)  or email Dave Kordell at if you would like to participate in one of our Liturgical Ministries.

Altar Servers:  ChildrenServers must be third grade or higher and be enrolled in our Religious Formation classes.

Adults – Adults may be combination Lectors/Servers at daily Masses or funeral Masses.  Adults may also serve at 8:00 a.m. Masses on Sunday.


MUSIC MINISTRY223790-church-choir-singing-clip-art

Welcome to our Music Ministry!

Our Mission Statement:  Encouraging the congregation to participate actively and fully in the Liturgy.  Inviting and encouraging all those interested in singing and playing instruments to participate and learn to become Music Ministers.

Please contact Tracey Tolzmann at to learn how to become a member of our Music Ministry.




Senor Jesus, sigue llamandonos hacia ti cada dia.  Danos un corazon alierto para escucharte, unose labios dispuestos a anunciarte.  Unas mans dspuestas a hacer la lbra que nose encomiendas.  Unos pies dispuestos a camnar a donde tu nos envies.  Dejanos escuchar cada dia la llamada a dejar lo que nos enreda. Que tu buena notica de salvacion nos libere de todo lo que nos ata a nosotros mismos.  Que tu buena noticia de salvacion nos deje ver claramente que es al entregar la vida cuando la recibimos en plentiud.  Que el sufrimiento es una escuela de nueve vida y resurrecion. Dejanos escuchar la buena noticia que nos traen los demas en sus signos de bondad, de trabajo por la justicia, de amor.  Haznos buena noticia para los demas:  anuncio de salvacion, de luz y de alegria. Que nos levantem os immediatamenta y to signamos con alegria,sabiendo que to mismo eres nuestra buena noticia y nos das la vida mas abundante.  Amen.

Senor, Dios de amr y compasion, por intercesion de san Pedro de Betancurt a quien, por su misericordia y entrega a las mas pobres se llego a llamar “Madre de Guatemala,” concedenose como a el, entrances de misericordia.  Que el dolor y las dificultades de los mas humildes nos conmuevan y muevan a la acciob. Que su valentia en buscar nuevos metodos nos de el valor a nosotros tambien de buscar maneras creativas dy ayudar a salir de nuestros propios problemas y a leer tu Evangelio desde la situacion de los demas.  Gracias por haber llendado a Pedro de tu gracia, que nos sirve de aliento y modelo.  Amen.

Our Spanish Mass is held every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.



Where there is love, there is hope!

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church adopted Sacred Heart Parish in Thiotte, Haiti in 1993, through the PTPA (Parish Twinning Program of the Americas).  Sacred Heart Parish did not exist prior to our twinning and was built in 1994 with the first of Saint Cecilia’s gifts to their sister parish. In Haiti, every Catholic parish has a number of chapels in nearby communities that are served by one priest of the parish.  Originally, the Parish of Thiotte had 10 chapels; now there are 13 chapels as more Haitians join the Catholic Church.

Gifts from Saint Cecilia Catholic Church to Sacred Heart Parish in Thiotte, Haiti have been used in the following ways:  maintain the church and pay the church staff; repair the church’s Toyota Land Cruiser and tire purchases (the church vehicle serves as the ambulance, taxi and delivers Father to his 12 chapels for Masses and school duties); pastoral missions and meetings; water tank repair at the John Paul XXIII School; aid to the destitute.


Child Sponsorship

Before child sponsorship began in 2010, there were so many children attending school whose families could not afford to pay tuition costs.  The priest initiated the Sponsor-a-Child program to help make ends meet.  Now with some children sponsored, the class sizes have DOUBLED.  Now, more than ever, children are able to attend school who cannot afford to pay the tuition.  This is important because Haitians know that their only way to escape poverty is through education! New construction has begun on new schools and the parents of children who attend school are
required to help with the construction. If you chose to sponsor a child in the past, PLEASE CONTINUE your sponsorship if you are able.  Child sponsorship is $150.00 per child per year. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact the Parish Office or email Jan Kaiser at for sponsorship details.

Gift Basket

Our Sister Parish in Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew this past October (2016) and they need our help!  Please help us support the people of Thiotte, especially the children. Our ministry is collecting items needed for our Sister Parish, which will then be shipped sometime in early April (2017).  Father Guy says they have need for dry goods, as refrigeration is limited, and various types of vegetable seeds for planting. It would also be wonderful to send unwrapped gym shoes, sports equipment and jerseys, baseball caps, toys for both girls and boys, games and clothes.  These items will be given to the children as gifts for birthdays, Christmas presents and awards throughout the year.  All kinds of school supplies, blankets and just about anything we take for granted are true treasures to them. There is a giving basket in the Gathering Room.  Please help – there is no gift too small!!



Commission Goals

Pro-LIFEPray individually, as a group, and as a parish, to end abortions; encourage others to join the membership by encouraging at least one person each; contribute money or gifts to Elizabeth House and Women’s Care Center through our Baby Bottle Challenge, showers and tours; have an activity to benefit Rachel’s Vineyard and promote post abortion healing; promote communication between Saint Cecilia Pro Life Commission and other neighboring parishes and combine activities when possible; share information with our parish by posting literature and suggesting various websites (,, and; bring in speakers; show videos from Care Net and Priests for Life; build a library of books and DVDs to promote a culture of life and make it available to the parish; know what is happening in the Legislature and how it affects abortion, sex education in schools, adoption, elderly care, hospice and the handicapped; help with letters and phone calls when appropriate; promote the inclusion of our parish youth in the knowledge of Pro Life values through awareness education and the opportunity to become involved in parish led Pro Life activities; do activities to discourage the work of Planned Parenthood.

Let’s Make a Difference

We, the Saint Cecilia Pro Life Commission, are inviting you to join us in our efforts to respect and protect life from conception to natural death. Our meetings are held on the third Tuesdays of each month (excluding December and July) at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Parish Center.  The meeting are published in our bulletin.  New members and visitors are always welcome.

Through prayer and our planned activities, we hope to be a positive force to respect and protect life from conception to natural death.